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FEE-JEE, the Cannibal Islands

fee-jee-the-cannibal-islandsFee-Jee:     About fifty years ago I spent time in the magical islands of Fiji. During that period I was privileged to meet and talk with many wonderful Fijians, warm, vibrant, welcoming folk, devoted parents and loyal friends, intelligent and possessed of a great sense of fun and humour.

            I was intrigued, however, by the apparent contradiction between this carefree, kind and generous nature and the barbarism of their past.

Hours spent examining artefacts of everyday life and instruments of torture and warfare, in the National Museum at Suva, only served to further whet my interest, an interest which was compounded when a chance meeting with its school teacher led to a private tour of the chiefly island of Bau and I saw first-hand the braining-stone where so many had met their death.

            On my return to Australia I read as widely as possible old accounts of missionaries, sandalwood traders and ship-wrecked sailors, but the origins of the Fijians and the practice of cannibalism remained a mystery.

             Many years later, during my late wife’s long illness, I resolved to write a fictitious tale which attempted to offer explanations for these unresolved questions. As by then I owned a small farm on the reaches of the Hawkesbury, with its background of convict labour and early settlement, it seemed logical to tie the two histories together.

I hope the resultant story will give you, the reader, as much enjoyment as its researching gave me.





Rob Ennever,

July 27th, 2013

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Published in the Southern Highlands News, Wednesday 30th November, 2011.

 The Chaos Vortex’ by local author Rob Ennever is a remarkable book. Remarkable in that it can be read and enjoyed at two levels. For those of you who want a gripping, page-turning holiday or travel read with a compelling story-line, this is for you!

From its dramatic opening in riot-torn London the reader is transported back in time to become totally involved with a cast of intriguing characters drawn from vastly different backgrounds.

As their sometimes tragic and often brutal stories develop and circumstances shape destinies, inevitably paths cross and lives collide with disastrous consequences.

And for those who like something thought-provoking, this exciting novel revolves around many of the controversial issues confronting us today. Unbridled greed, media manipulation, drug addiction, social breakdown, civil unrest and mindless violence, all portrayed against the background of a moving love story.

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