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Novels | Bendemere Books

Loveridge...'and they call this Progress?'

LOVERIDGE... 'and they call this Progress?'

Catastrophic events are convulsing a small country town. 

Greedy mining companies, foreign takeovers, corruption in high places, and the contagion of drug dependence devastate its inhabitants.
Vultures are circling, seeking opportunities for exploitation. Jobs are lost, loyalties tested. This dangerous mix results in a young man’s murder.


The Chaos Vortex

The Chaos Vortex


THE CHAOS VORTEX:     None of us exist in isolation. We are all enmeshed in the web of life so that often it is impossible to foresee how far, or in what manner, the effects of our every action will be manifested. Seemingly unrelated happenings, sometimes remote both in space and time, can cause decisions to be made or initiatives undertaken, the consequences of which appear unpredictable.


Mending Michael


Traumatised by horrific experiences in Vietnam, Michael Johnston is repatriated to Australia and placed in a psychiatric ward. Eventually discharged into an uncaring world, the disenchanted soldier descends into acute depression.


Anna's Story - a Tribute to Love

Anna's StoryANNA’S STORY - a Tribute to Love: Life is a wonderful teacher, if one is of a mind to learn. It can be harsh, unforgiving, cruel. It can also be rewarding, inspiring and uplifting. Above all it is a journey we all must make.

We can’t determine our coming to this earth, often we can have little say in the manner and timing of our departure. But, to a certain extent we can choose how we travel along the road.


FEE-JEE, the Cannibal Islands

fee-jee-the-cannibal-islandsFee-Jee:     About fifty years ago I spent time in the magical islands of Fiji. During that period I was privileged to meet and talk with many wonderful Fijians, warm, vibrant, welcoming folk, devoted parents and loyal friends, intelligent and possessed of a great sense of fun and humour.

            I was intrigued, however, by the apparent contradiction between this carefree, kind and generous nature and the barbarism of their past.



Published in the Southern Highlands News, Wednesday 30th November, 2011.

 The Chaos Vortex’ by local author Rob Ennever is a remarkable book. Remarkable in that it can be read and enjoyed at two levels. For those of you who want a gripping, page-turning holiday or travel read with a compelling story-line, this is for you!

From its dramatic opening in riot-torn London the reader is transported back in time to become totally involved with a cast of intriguing characters drawn from vastly different backgrounds.

As their sometimes tragic and often brutal stories develop and circumstances shape destinies, inevitably paths cross and lives collide with disastrous consequences.

And for those who like something thought-provoking, this exciting novel revolves around many of the controversial issues confronting us today. Unbridled greed, media manipulation, drug addiction, social breakdown, civil unrest and mindless violence, all portrayed against the background of a moving love story.

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